Jul 4, 2017

Television Tuesday!

Another from the drafts queue!
Okay... I’ve put this off long enough.

What’s my favorite show now? I mean the show that I look forward to every week, the one that makes me smile, the one that makes me laugh? The one that genuinely makes me happy?

Why, that’s simple...

It‘s Chuck!

I’ve been lving every second of it since it premiered last year and I was so happy that it made it past the hump and got renewed...

Chuck was fun but never really caught on the way it should’ve which is a bit sad. It did develop quite a loyal following, enough of a following that the viewers themselves were the ones to save the show from cancellation! Something that’s a rarity!

Still there was enough in that first episode that had me and a bunch of other people hooked!

Fansite ChuckTV.net launched the first organized fan effort, the Watch/Buy/Share campaign (an idea thought up by "Chuck, vs the podcast" founder Gray Jones), on March 18, 2009; a letter writing campaign was later added to the effort. The week of April 6, 2009, television blogger Kath Skerry changed the name of her website GiveMeMyRemote.com to GiveMeMyChuck.com and used Twitter to notify her readers to support the show, prompting television columnists Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger, Maureen Ryan of Chicago Tribune and Josef Adalian of TelevisionWeek to write Chuck-related news on their websites and Twitter feeds. Sepinwall also wrote an open letter to NBC on reasons for renewal, while Ryan encouraged fan support by listing the various ways in which they could contribute to the campaign to save Chuck. One fan, Wendy Farrington, was inspired by a product placement in second season episodes to organize a campaign to purchase "Footlong" submarine sandwiches from Subway on the air date of the second season finale. This movement gained support from various cast and crew members, with actor Zachary Levi seen leading hundreds of fans to a Subway restaurant in Birmingham, England. Members of the show's cast and crew participated in a special "rally cry" episode of Chuck vs the Podcast on April 24, 2009, just before the season finale, to encourage fans to keep the campaign going and thank them for their support. On the campaign, co-creator Josh Schwartz remarked that it “has been one of the most amazing experiences of [his] life to witness—and certainly the most creatively gratifying.” Other fan efforts include the “Have a Heart, Renew Chuck” campaign, involving Chuck fans donating money to the American Heart Association on behalf of NBC. By the NBC Upfront on May 19, 2009 over $17,000 was raised.
Yes, chances are if you were a fan, you didn’t like Chuck, you LOVED IT.

Of course, if people think of the series lead Zack Levi, they’re more likely to think of Tangled than Chuck but Chuck may actually come back:

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